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True wealth is the time we can devote only to ourselves.
For this reason, in the most peaceful and reserved space of our hotel, we have thought of a special place where you will be conquered by the pleasure of lounging and where you can take care of your body.
Take time for yourself and immerse yourself in the warm atmosphere of our wellness area.
You will be provided with slippers, a soft terry bathrobe, a terry towel and a "pestemal" (sarong in natural cotton as an alternative to a bathing suit).
You will find a sauna, steam bath, ice waterfall, two infrareed stations, sensory shower, emotional shower and a relaxation area: a warm and reserved place, designed for your relaxation.
Open daily from 8:00 to 21:00.
The SPA is for the exclusive use of those who book it (maximum 4 people)
Access is by reservation only; entry for 90 minutes costs 45€ for one person e 80€ per couple.
For information or reservations call 045 8006900.
Access to the SPA is not allowed for children under 16 years.


SoulSauna updates the charm of Nordic culture by innovating traditional atmospheres. The internal stove recreates the principles of the Finnish sauna: temperature of 80-90 ° C and relative humidity of 10-20%.
The benefits are manifold: it promotes the elimination of excess fluids and metabolic waste, relaxes the muscles and gives balance to the sleep-wake rhythm. SoulSauna produces beneficial sensations, such as pure energy, dry and intense heat that invades the body causing a quick and deep sweating.


The SoulSteam steam bath is a sign of maximum functionality, thanks to performing technologies and small dimensions. The materiality of the ceramic, with a particular velvety effect, gives a sophisticated environment. Thanks to the professional direct input system, in a few minutes the steam bath reaches a temperature of 43-45 ° C with relative humidity of 98%.
The benefits: a deep cleansing of the skin, softens the respiratory tract, gives psycho-physical relaxation and elasticity to the skin tissue. The sensations? A cloud of steam, water droplets that rest on the skin and soften the skin, while breathing is favored by the inhalation of the steam.


To obtain a true invigorating effect, necessary after exposure to the intense heat of the Finnish sauna, the ice crystals must be massaged on the body starting from the lower limbs up to the head. The icefall favors the normalization of body temperature and heart rate with beneficial effects in terms of toning the epidermis and vasoconstriction.


The infrared stations act as a particularly effective and localized heat treatment. The ceramic lamps filled with lava sand and the low temperature infrared technique release the heat through the ergonomic seat by heating the body from the inside. The backrests allow constant monitoring of skin temperature through special thermal sensors and release the heat by adjusting the intensity according to the values measured.

Cold fog

There is nothing better, after a long sauna or after a hot steam bath than immersing yourself in a micro-nebulized rain of very fine drops of water enriched by aromatic, luminous and sonorous sensations that at the same time relax and give new strength to the body and to the mind.
The cold fog program with its particular spray jet characterized by very fine drops, is accompanied by a blue LED light and the aroma of cold mint which gives strongly refreshed and invigorating effects. Due to its characteristics, cold fog is the cold reaction that best matches with steam baths and with the swine.


The emotional shower is the ideal solution to let yourself be enveloped by the sensations that only water can give to the body. The shower is very useful to refresh the body, restoring the right degree of hydration to the skin and making the circulatory system regain a correct vascular tone.
The particular jet of water coming out of the shower head accompanied by a white light reflects a characteristic prismatic design on the floor to give a unique and complete emotion.

Rest and herbal tea

A chaise longue to rest, read and meditate. Enveloping and ergonomic, Starlongue has been designed for perfect rest. The round and sinuous shapes welcome the body in a soft embrace
The relaxation & herbal tea area of our hotel in Verona, a silent corner of peace in which to enjoy the last moments of tranquility lying on comfortable beds, sipping benefits infused with flowers and spices.